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Flat Traveling Cable for Elevator with CE certificate 40G0.75 with Special PVC Jacket

Flat Traveling Cable for Elevator with CE certificate 40G0.75 with Special PVC Jacket

Brand Name : ECHU

Model Number : TVVB, H05VVH6-F

Certification : CE

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 100-300M

Price : 0.1-10USD/m

Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability : 10000km/week

Delivery Time : within 10days

Packaging Details : plywoode reel

Color : Orange,

Voltage : 300/500V

installation : Flexible

Insulation : PVC

Jacket : Flexible PVC

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Flat Travelling Cables, Flat Elevator Cables (TVVB, H05VVH6-F, H07VVH6-F)
Flat traveling cables
Flat elevator cables
Flat traveling cables application:
As control and signal cable for elevator as well as moving machine parts, its bending radius is smaller compared with round cables due to the closely packed shielded cores or bundles. It can be installed in dry and damp rooms.
Flat traveling cables Properties:
Outer sheath is extensively resistant to oil and cooling liquid.
Standards: GB5023.6, IEC60227-6, EN 50214
Conductor: Fine strands of bare copper wire,
Acc. To VDE0295 CLASS5
Insulation: Special PVC
Colour: Yellow, white, orangeg with black number with white digital coding
Bearing: Steel rope
Outer sheath: Flexible PVC, cold resistance, flame resistance
Colour: Grey(RAL7001)
Technical data:
Rated voltage: 300/500V
Test voltage: 2500V
Minimum bending radius: 0.3m
Burning vertically test: GB/T18380.1-2001
IEC60332-1.1 993 test passed
Used under the nomal conditions. The temperature of conductor is lower than 70ºC
Temperature range:
-15ºC to 70ºC
TVVB (Parallel) free suspension length must not exceed 35 meters, and the lift speed 1.6m/s.
TVVB(interwist) free suspension length must not exceed 80 meters, and the life speed must not exceed 4m/s.

Product NameSpecificationWidth(mm)Thickness(mm)Weight
H05VVH6-F2C0.5mm27.3± 1.04.1± 0.555Straight line
H05VVH6-F3C0.5mm29.3± 1.04.1± 0.571Straight line
H05VVH6-F4C0.5mm212.3± 1.04.1± 0.593Straight line
H05VVH6-F5C0.5mm215.2± 1.04.1± 0.5114Straight line
H05VVH6-F6C0.5mm217.2± 1.04.1± 0.5130Straight line
H05VVH6-F7C0.5mm219.2± 1.04.1± 0.5146Straight line
H05VVH6-F8C0.5mm221.2± 1.54.1± 0.5162Straight line
H05VVH6-F9C0.5mm223.2± 1.54.1± 0.5178Straight line
H05VVH6-F10C0.5mm225.2± 1.54.1± 0.5194Straight line
H05VVH6-F11C0.5mm227.2± 1.54.1± 0.5210Straight line
H05VVH6-F12C0.5mm229.2± 1.54.1± 0.5226Straight line
H05VVH6-F13C0.5mm231.2± 2.04.1± 0.5242Straight line
H05VVH6-F14C0.5mm234.2± 2.04.1± 0.5263Straight line
H05VVH6-F15C0.5mm236.2± 2.04.1± 0.5279Straight line
H05VVH6-F16C0.5mm238.2± 2.04.1± 0.5295Straight line
H05VVH6-F17C0.5mm240.2± 2.04.1± 0.5311Straight line
H05VVH6-F18C0.5mm243.1± 2.04.1± 0.5332Straight line
H05VVH6-F19C0.5mm245.1± 2.04.1± 0.5348Straight line
H05VVH6-F20C0.5mm247.1± 2.04.1± 0.5364Straight line
H05VVH6-F21C0.5mm249.1± 2.04.1± 0.5380Straight line
H05VVH6-F22C0.5mm251.1± 2.04.1± 0.5396Straight line
H05VVH6-F23C0.5mm253.1± 2.04.1± 0.5412Straight line
H05VVH6-F24C0.5mm256.1± 2.04.1± 0.5434Straight line
H05VVH6-F24C0.5mm231.3± 2.08.4± 0.5428Bunch core
H05VVH6-F30C0.5mm239.9± 2.07.8± 0.5530Bunch core
H05VVH6-F36C0.5mm243.5± 2.08.4± 0.5628Bunch core
H05VVH6-F40C0.5mm250.7± 2.07.8± 0.5677Bunch core
H05VVH6-F42C0.5mm249.5± 2.58.4± 0.5717Bunch core
H05VVH6-F48C0.5mm255.5± 2.58.4± 0.5806Bunch core
H05VVH6-F54C0.5mm261.5± 2.58.4± 0.5895Bunch core
H05VVH6-F60C0.5mm267.5± 2.58.4± 0.5984Bunch core
H05VVH6-F66C0.5mm273.5± 2.58.4± 0.51074Bunch core
H05VVH6-F2C0.75mm28.0± 1.04.2± 0.568Straight line
H05VVH6-F3C0.75mm210.4± 1.04.2± 0.590Straight line
H05VVH6-F4C0.75mm213.7± 1.04.2± 0.5118Straight line
H05VVH6-F5C0.75mm217.1± 1.04.2± 0.5145Straight line
H05VVH6-F6C0.75mm219.4± 1.04.2± 0.5167Straight line
H05VVH6-F7C0.75mm221.8± 1.54.2± 0.5188Straight line
H05VVH6-F8C0.75mm224.1± 1.54.2± 0.5210Straight line
H05VVH6-F9C0.75mm226.5± 1.54.2± 0.5231Straight line
H05VVH6-F10C0.75mm228.8± 1.54.2± 0.5253Straight line
H05VVH6-F11C0.75mm231.2± 2.04.2± 0.5274Straight line
H05VVH6-F12C0.75mm233.5± 2.04.2± 0.5277Straight line
H05VVH6-F13C0.75mm235.9± 2.04.2± 0.5298Straight line
H05VVH6-F14C0.75mm239.2± 2.04.2± 0.5323Straight line
H05VVH6-F15C0.75mm241.6± 2.04.2± 0.5344Straight line
H05VVH6-F16C0.75mm243.9± 2.04.2± 0.5364Straight line
H05VVH6-F17C0.75mm246.3± 2.04.2± 0.5384Straight line
H05VVH6-F18C0.75mm249.6± 2.04.2± 0.5410Straight line
H05VVH6-F19C0.75mm252.0± 2.04.2± 0.5430Straight line
H05VVH6-F20C0.75mm254.3± 2.04.2± 0.5450Straight line
H05VVH6-F21C0.75mm256.7± 2.04.2± 0.5470Straight line
H05VVH6-F22C0.75mm259.0± 2.04.2± 0.5491Straight line
H05VVH6-F23C0.75mm261.4± 2.54.2± 0.5511Straight line
H05VVH6-F24C0.75mm264.7± 2.54.2± 0.5537Straight line
H05VVH6-F24C0.75mm231.3± 2.08.4± 0.5470Bunch core
H05VVH6-F30C0.75mm239.9± 2.07.8± 0.5582Bunch core
H05VVH6-F36C0.75mm243.5± 2.08.4± 0.5691Bunch core
H05VVH6-F40C0.75mm250.7± 2.07.8± 0.5748Bunch core
H05VVH6-F42C0.75mm249.5± 2.08.4± 0.5791Bunch core
H05VVH6-F48C0.75mm255.5± 2.08.4± 0.5891Bunch core
H05VVH6-F54C0.75mm261.5± 2.58.4± 0.5990Bunch core
H05VVH6-F60C0.75mm267.5± 2.58.4± 0.51090Bunch core
H05VVH6-F66C0.75mm273.5± 2.58.4± 0.51190Bunch core

Quality Flat Traveling Cable for Elevator with CE certificate 40G0.75 with Special PVC Jacket for sale

Flat Traveling Cable for Elevator with CE certificate 40G0.75 with Special PVC Jacket Images

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